• November 12, 2020


Exhausting day for celibates, full of romance for lovers, and commercial celebration for the embittered… On February 14, 2014, the Valentine of the Crowdfunding responded to the name of Fleur Pellerin. During a press conference, our Minister of SMEs, Innovation and the Economy outlined the main lines of the new legislative framework specific to crowdfunding. New rules for a new life, MMC says yes!

All the more so since this reform project sounds like a real recognition of our model by our government. François Hollande plussoie, claiming to want “to make France a pioneer country in crowdfunding “. He adores, he adheres to our President! (No, we will not make a bad joke on the loves of the Gentleman, So January 2014). And Ms. Pellerin to “ seek to win the gold medal for crowdfunding ”. We can bet that we are more successful than in Sochi!
Before giving you a quick overview of the planned simplifications, a little reminder is in order! For those who do not yet know, there are three models of crowdfunding… and as we are nice at MMC, we will give them to you! The first to be imposed is that of the donation-against-donation (it is the most widespread and the model chosen by MMC), the two others are the loan between individuals and the entry into the capital of a company by individuals. (these are the two models most affected by the reforms)!

Even if no big changes are planned for the donation-for-donation platforms (type-us), here is a small summary of the planned simplifications:

The million, the million, the million!
Among the three families of crowdfunding, equity is the winner! SME friends and other start-ups, you will now be able to carry out a capital increase of up to 1,000,000 euros (that makes zeros!) Thanks to equity crowdfunding.

The paid loan (from individuals to business) is also becoming possible! Yes, each of you can lend as much as you want (with a ceiling of 1000 euros) to a company that can collect up to 1 million euros. So donors take on a role of banker / investor / lender (yes, the donor is multi-faceted)!

Advice and support
A brand new, beautiful CIP (Participatory Investment Advisor) status will be created in order to support the activity of equity-crowdfunding platforms without minimum capital. The Bonux gift? Decision support tools to support investors.

Red label
To distinguish the platforms which will respect the requirements of transparency and information towards their donors, a label awarded by the financial regulators will be put in place. And we tell you now, MMC will not wear a donkey cap!

Did you follow? How’s that, no ” ? In a few words, through this reform project, the government offers crowdfunding the tools to continue and accelerate its development, while protecting the donors who bring the craziest projects to life every day!

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