• January 22, 2021


With Tipeee , a new crowdfunding platform based on the tip philosophy, you like the work of a content creator, you tip! When we watch a sequence on Youtube, we rarely think about the time and money invested by our web heroes. Here, you do not invest in a specific project but encourage its activity and allow it to finance the development of its next creations.

He keeps doing what he loves and you keep loving what he does! The key is the discovery of content produced thanks to you and access to well thought-out rewards: private Skype conversations, exclusive goodies, making-of… little touches to thank you!

And how much will this story cost me ??! So little ! Each creator has his own page, he presents his universe, his approach and offers you to tip 3, 5, 20 € … Sometimes more, sometimes less, the idea being to stay in sums accessible to all budgets !

And it starts strong! In just a few days, Kriss and his Youtube channel “LanguedePub” raised close to 2000 €, Dany Caligula and his passion for philosophy have attracted more than 80 tippers . Fashion, humor, sport and leisure, art & culture… you have a passion, Tipeee has a designer!

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