• March 6, 2021


the slightly crazy dream of three Breton surfers that comes true. Ewen, Aurel & Ronan have chosen to sail on a small eco-designed trimaran, for three months in the heart of the Solomon Islands. Located in the east of Papua New Guinea, it is a forgotten archipelago in the Pacific.

Their dream, to be free to travel with the wind, from island to island, to meet a unique population, lush nature and unspoiled waves.

They were not disappointed: perfect waves, flaming islands & reefs, like at the beginning of the world, and a very welcoming Melanesian people.

Over the weeks, aboard the Gwalaz, their small 7-meter trimaran, they learned to live with sharks and crocodiles who kept a close watch on them. Heat, rains, storms and even sometimes cyclones have also added to their extraordinary journey which would never have been possible without the 240 contributors who took part in the project !

Today, they come back with sublime images of their epic. Discover without further delay the trailer of their web-series: The Solomon Islands. We warn you that makes you dream …

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