• September 1, 2021

Solar energy collaboration boosts Mexico’s sustainability development

Implementing sustainable energy solutions is a focus around the world, and in Mexico, the potential for the solar energy sector is vast. In a major step forwards for the solar energy sector, a memorandum of understanding has been signed by Business Sweden and the Mexican Association of Solar Energy (ASOLMEX) to jointly perform the investor search for San Diego de la Unión.

Sweden has built a solid relationship with public and private stakeholders in the state of Guanajuato, and three years ago, Team Sweden visited Guanajuato to sign an MoU with the Governor which focused on education, gender equality, corporate sustainable responsibility, and sustainability. There are also similar agreements with the Mexican Internet Association and Mexican mining clusters.

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Sustainable growth in Mexico’s solar energy sector presents substantial investment and potential for Swedish companies who have proven expertise and solutions.
Nicolas Urbina, Project Manager, Business Sweden Mexico
This foundation, along with Sweden’s reputation as a world leader in sustainability have been the catalyst for this most recent partnership. The Guanajuato municipality of San Diego de la Unión requested Business Sweden’s support in attracting sustainable investments to the region. Business Sweden utilised Team Sweden resources and quickly recognised the municipality’s potential in solar energy in Mexico and an agreement was reached to conduct an investor search.

The investor and market analysis has already yielded results and identified potential for Swedish companies with specifical solutions in solar energy storage provision, commercial and residential installations, and power plants.

With a goal of identifying and elevating sustainable development projects and events, this agreement will help both Business Sweden and ASOLMEX to share relevant information, contacts, and invitations with each other and with their respective networks and deliver a greener future in the region.

This commitment to sustainability, as well as confidence in the Nordic region’s ability to provide proven solutions will be on show during the Nordic Sustainable Solutions Week.

The joint event, curated by Team Sweden and the Nordic embassies in Mexico, aims to promote Nordic Sustainable Solutions to Mexico’s high level private and public stakeholders at the federal and local level, as well as a selected general audience.

The 2021 Nordic Sustainable Solutions Week will focus on Smart Cities with specific focus on: smart mobility, circular economy, smart energy, and sustainable industries. The event is based on a quadruple-helix approach with an overall focus on innovation.

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